Eddie Nketiah | The story so far... | From rejection to record breaker
Congrats to Eddie Nketiah, who has been named England U21 captain for their forthcoming fixtures.
It's been quite the journey for Nketiah, from being let go by Chelsea as a teenager, to becoming the all-time leading England U21 goalscorer, there's been plenty of hard work and dedication to get where he is.
Now sit back, and enjoy Eddie, Per Mertesacker and more tell the story so far... he's just getting started.
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  • Nelson Demba
    Nelson Demba

    If he works on his weakness, such as hold up play, touch, link up play, and off the ball movement. Nketiah could go on and become a legend for the club, but he has not improved since his debut for the senior team. Balogun fortunately has less weakness to work. Though attitude is in question, I do believe he will be the better of the two as time goes on. He's already the more complete of the two.

  • Aditya Iyer
    Aditya Iyer

    Not good enough for this football club. Can't wait to bin him.

  • Saarthak Monga
    Saarthak Monga

    always rated him. don't know why people hate him. he'll be a well respected player in the future wherever he plays.

  • annemary anitah
    annemary anitah

    I trust in my Nketiah. I know he can better

  • Jersey Mcgee
    Jersey Mcgee

    Who was the kid wearing #4 in the academy vids ?...Now that's a player.

  • Arian A
    Arian A

    Thanks for everything Eddie, good luck in your career. Now bye.

    • Me Only
      Me Only

      @Arian A Your a chi chi stfu

  • fung Thomas
    fung Thomas

    Trash player, overhyped.... He can't pass, shoot, head, nor drive with the ball. NO quality at all. Working hard doesn't mean you are good....

  • Reece Toto
    Reece Toto

    I was there for his first game on his Australia tour against Sydney FC! What a night and congratulations to EDDIE

  • Haimanot Demeke
    Haimanot Demeke

    If he improves his finishing he can genuinely replace auba

  • King Of Games
    King Of Games

    Nkethia broke records in the U21 for Arsenal and England but didn’t play well this season cause he had nobody to support him or Auba; if we played Balogun in the same situation he wouldn’t have changed anything. Their both talents with heavy potential but let’s not be rushing everybody thinking that their the next Mmbape please.

  • Ndubuisi Onwubalili
    Ndubuisi Onwubalili

    Eddie is an ok player not a fantastic player. I wish him the best , he struggles a lot in the Arsenal first team

  • JBL bonnie
    JBL bonnie

    One of my favourite player since Marc overmars. 😭😭😭🙆🙆🙆

  • Saka da Goat
    Saka da Goat

    From rejection to rejection 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joseph Bassary
    Joseph Bassary

    Who was the no 8 who went on that run and passed to Eddie? That was class

  • Ryan Darko
    Ryan Darko

    Hoping he can prove me wrong

  • ramizofficial

    The video is us working as a club pushing a striker player for more youth players. The club hasn't seen 1 youth striker in 2 decades. What non contract players want more than ever. Youth built at the foundations of a Arsenal club

  • matsiko Vasrtyl ug
    matsiko Vasrtyl ug

    Pliz any one with help of some money

  • AyahFarah

    He is real life alex hunter

  • 62 %
    62 %

    np new found glory

  • Dominic Clarke
    Dominic Clarke

    To all you plastic fans saying we should sell eddy you are what's wrong with Arsenal football club your disgusting.

  • J

    His haters need to see this so they can shush and start encouraging him. He's come a long way, so he needs encouragement, not bashing.

  • BOSS 22
    BOSS 22

    get out

  • Aaron Davids
    Aaron Davids

    Average player needs to be loaned or sold

  • Shamor Shamor
    Shamor Shamor

    Come back stronger lad

  • D B
    D B

    Never understood why he gets hate? He played ahead of Laca during Arsenal's worst period this season. We didn't play with a 10, we played a 343/523 and didn't create anything. Had it been Laca or Auba playing those game we'd probably play worse as they don't press like Eddie and we didn't have much possession back then. Eddie isn't a creative striker maybe, but Auba isn't that either and he's a top goalscorer. Just because he isn't Haaland or mbappe doesn't mean he won't turn out to be of great use for us. You lot can like Balogun without hating on Eddie. Competition is only good for us!

  • Oliver Tuncay
    Oliver Tuncay

    Doing it for SE4, I see you bro!!



  • The Macrobian Nomad
    The Macrobian Nomad

    "Who's next?" I believe Azeez deserves first team football.

  • Soso Hoho
    Soso Hoho

    Everyone keeps saying he needs time it's the one thing nobody has enough of.

  • 863 Bray
    863 Bray

    Deserves another go


    He ain't good enough. Sell up and move on.

  • Njau Njeru
    Njau Njeru

    Still a young boy who any smart manager will buy as soon as he's up for glabs. This Arsenal team needs considerable improvements to challenge for cups but this kid is one for the future with a proper setup.

  • MV Prembun
    MV Prembun

    succses for you

  • Abdihakim Nasongo
    Abdihakim Nasongo

    We love you Eddie

  • Nacnac Adam
    Nacnac Adam

    I wish you the best Eddie.

  • benedict kanu
    benedict kanu

    A grass to grace story, with hard work and perseverance u will surely suceed

  • Dave D
    Dave D

    for the best for his development it’s best we sell him, he doesn’t fit our style

    • Me Only
      Me Only

      We ain't got no class or style reason we are shite with that shite manager.

  • GhostJL

    If Arsenal have no intention of selling him we may as well sell Balogun

  • Christopher Simonot
    Christopher Simonot

    Great young lad & great story that will make very interesting reading in the years to come!

  • Hamid Khan
    Hamid Khan

    Nketiah will be a premier league level player and will score decent amount of goals. Unfortunately not convinced he offers enough to lead the line for Arsenal


      You spelt 'championship' incorrectly.

  • EyeTest's Actual Son
    EyeTest's Actual Son

    I swear this fanbase is so delusional if we're ruthless nketiah wouldn't be here imo half the squad shouldn't even be here. arsenal fans need to group there's no time for sentiment it's what got us here in 9th

  • Bacon Kraken
    Bacon Kraken

    6:44 Nketiah scores a tap-in and celebrates on his own. Willock, someone who has played with him for years in the academy, tries to join him and he literally pushes him off to celebrate his 2 yard tap in alone.

    • The Champ Is Here
      The Champ Is Here

      His phone celebration is so cringe too 😂

  • Ryan Molstad
    Ryan Molstad

    idk why but he kinda sounds like TBJZL

  • NCG 15
    NCG 15

    Well his time is up, not good enough for Arsenal

  • Collector

    Look at willock 2:44😂😂

  • ʙʟɪᴛᴢꜱɪᴇɢ

    He should focus more on his finishing and positioning.. instead of his celebration. just saying.

  • Armzilla 123
    Armzilla 123

    He’s still being rejected :(

  • Ashton Kthcer
    Ashton Kthcer

    Eddie >< Balogun || THE FUTURE

  • ibrahim ali
    ibrahim ali

    yh but dont even get on the bench free my boy

  • Raj Muzik
    Raj Muzik

    Now we see why he won't be sold. Just not his time. I'm sure by next season he will be ready. Eddie Gunner📞

  • Nabila Mbarak
    Nabila Mbarak

    This story gives me motivation me one day iwana be first African goalkeper to-win a champions league

  • James Hatswell
    James Hatswell

    We’re too nice, I admire how he plays for the badge but if we’re honest he’s not good enough to be our starting striker

  • Mesaka Putea
    Mesaka Putea

    Good luck 🤞 Eddie!

  • TahsinAli

    remember watching the arsenal vs norwich match in the stadium, one of the best days of my life, everyone was singing his name outside the stadium, what an atmosphere

  • Kiran Ryait
    Kiran Ryait

    Never judge a footballer by its talent

    • Aminoff

      Never judge a sandwich by how good it tastes

    • TSU Films
      TSU Films

      Footballers are humans

  • Shrivatsan K Chari
    Shrivatsan K Chari

    Not good enough for the Arsenal

  • Kacey

    the way he pushes joe at 6:50 🤣

    • Kacey

      @Sean Lawson not really he was just in the moment innit 😂

    • Zechs Siguro
      Zechs Siguro

      It's bants

    • Sean Lawson
      Sean Lawson

      I saw it too, tbh I think this guy only thinks about himself and his goals.

  • A Hagos
    A Hagos

    2:43 : joe willock and Eddie nketiah⚽️

  • Marcelo Campos
    Marcelo Campos

    NKETIAH HE’S ONE OF OUR OWNNN. I see potential Nketiah time to show it

  • Mr BT
    Mr BT

    Where is he now?

  • Kliban Fernandes
    Kliban Fernandes

    humility ?? & eddie ?? you're having a laugh

    • Shrivatsan K Chari
      Shrivatsan K Chari

      Yeah acted like a diva when ceballos tackled him

  • Jackねる

    i’m sorry for him but i’m afraid he just misses the quality that Arsenal needs. Even when he did scored, i just can’t see any specialities in him that convince me. Maybe a squad player at most, not even enough for that if he doesn’t improve quickly.

  • Kushal Woodhoo
    Kushal Woodhoo

    He's weak and mediocre.. not good enough for us.. if you think I am too hard, then, have a look at Saka, ESR and Martinelli who know how to take chances right from the beginning

  • gunning ødie
    gunning ødie

    He is a well shooting player

  • Raz Al-Ghul
    Raz Al-Ghul

    Back to rejection?

  • Richard Vallejo Garcia
    Richard Vallejo Garcia

    We should sell him.

  • Dominic Clarke
    Dominic Clarke

    I believe in the kid he can be a Arsenal great

  • NketiahSZN


  • Rodney Sinclair
    Rodney Sinclair

    One of my favorite player at arsenal. We need to give him more chances and time


      @Rodney Sinclair He is trash. Championship level at best.

    • Rodney Sinclair
      Rodney Sinclair

      @PHATSTAR he is gonna be a star. Anf you will be around to see. How can you not see that Eddie is an outstanding finisher.... just like mosise kean.... everyon gave up on him. Now look at him flying at psg. Juve dying to resign him


      Had enough chances to display what he got which isn't much.

  • Saint x Vlain
    Saint x Vlain

    move on to balogun

  • Gooner Gossip TV
    Gooner Gossip TV

    I adore Eddie so much he is so deserving to do so well for Arsenal. He is very humble and a normal guy who wants to play for this club and for England. I don't think we should be putting so much pressure on him he is so young and has a bright future in football. Let's see what happens 💫


      He is as useful as a used tampon.

  • AphidθnTømatões

    Yessss i was there at that game 11:24 in denver

  • VrK Blizzard
    VrK Blizzard

    There is Eddie there is Florian I am so confused. Glad I am not the manager.

    • Ash hcthrash85
      Ash hcthrash85

      I make it easy, balogun is quality and a bit of a diva, nketiah is bang average and just happy to be there..guess who we will keep 😒

  • Koby Tan
    Koby Tan

    Love this series! More more more!!

  • TrizzyLavish160 _
    TrizzyLavish160 _

    he is a good player maybe not arsenal level but there is a player in there

  • Don HardRisk
    Don HardRisk

    Eddie will become a Drogba type of striker with experience.

  • SJæ

    He will be a great baller ❤️

  • Lil Bee
    Lil Bee


  • Jojo

    So this means arsenal will not buy another striker? 😔😖

  • Adhwa Razzin
    Adhwa Razzin

    Good stories. He need to go on a loan and get his game time and prove he can be at the same level with our other wonderkids like saka, smith rowe, martinelli. He already proven himself on england under 21 squad though, maybe with game time we can see what he bring to the team

  • Glitch

    Imagine drawing to norwich.....

  • WL

    Eddie won the golden boy in my FM save. The boy couldn’t stop scoring! IRL if Wrighty, Shearer, Wenger and Per say yes...who am I to disagree. Keep strong, stay patient and hungry Eddie!

  • godmeister

    The story so far | from rejection to record breaker to bench. That's the title

  • oshone Shokpeka
    oshone Shokpeka

    Here is he guys. The 9 who can't strike the ball well and we showcase him like he is the next Drogba


      @Mclayton328 When did he even have a good patch?

    • Mclayton328

      He can though he's just having a poor patch

  • Yenli Augustine
    Yenli Augustine

    Who Niles story will be inspiring

  • Some dude on the internet
    Some dude on the internet

    Get the f out this clown out of my club

  • Petro Paolo Aguilar
    Petro Paolo Aguilar

    ..to rejection again. I do hope he comes through but his lack of playing time must be seriously stunting his progress this season.


      You can play him all season which will result in the same outcome which is no outcome.

  • Jamdawg

    Our future number 10, this kid can step up and fill Them shoes 💯

    • Syed Sohail Ahmed
      Syed Sohail Ahmed

      Do u even watch football?

    • Syed Sohail Ahmed
      Syed Sohail Ahmed

      @PHATSTAR dont need to b that rude


      Yeah right. He's fit for the trash.

  • Victor Serrano
    Victor Serrano

    time to let him go, the best for both sides

  • Tanmay Chanda
    Tanmay Chanda

    I hope he comes good. He'll need to improve a lot but if he does then he might even be like Wrighty (No Pressure).

  • Snowblak DJ
    Snowblak DJ

    Kid still has a big future


      Not at Arsenal.

  • Will

    From rejected to record breaker to rejection again

  • thu ya
    thu ya

    Useless player at arsenal 🙂

  • Ryan Cummins
    Ryan Cummins

    Some of the chances Aubamayang has missed in recent games, I'm sure Eddie would have tucked most of them away.

    • 863 Bray
      863 Bray

      @Headless Rider did anyone here of toney before he was at brentford no so he needs a loan so he can show his class and then come back

    • Headless Rider
      Headless Rider

      Doubt it, the guy is trash. Guarantee he’s playing championship come a few years

    • Nickyle Wilson
      Nickyle Wilson

      That's is why I rate Balogun more he does not like laca on the ball

    • 863 Bray
      863 Bray

      @David Luiz no he is a poacher

    • David Luiz
      David Luiz

      Your thinking of martinelli, nketiah would slice the ball and end up in south london

  • tom brown
    tom brown

    To rejection again it seems?

  • Cole Table
    Cole Table

    Mertesacker speaks good english

  • Khairulmuzzamir Mat Kassim
    Khairulmuzzamir Mat Kassim

    To me Eddie Nketiah can be as good as Jermaine Defoe. He plays like Defoe but Eddie needs to be stronger. Just get into the gym abit more , we know you have the quality . Please go for a loan in any championship, epl team that promise you game time. Get back and prove yourself. You be on the TOP OF YOUR GAME BUDDY



  • Short Tom
    Short Tom

    Feel bad for him

  • James

    There are the type of videos that brainwash people thinking that a certain player has the potential to be good🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


      They ain't fooling me. Seen enough to know he ain't fit to wear the badge.

  • Zenish Tanveer
    Zenish Tanveer

    Imagine saka in the u-21 s 😂