OPEN MIC | Katie McCabe | Arsenal vs Man Utd (2-0) | Compilation
Listen in to Kate McCabe's performance against Manchester United in the Women's Super League.
#arsenal #katiemccabe #openmic
Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.
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  • Psychobingo

    And they wonder why they dont get paid as much as the men

  • Brian Barca
    Brian Barca

    3:50 💀 she didn't care.

  • Mystic 24
    Mystic 24

    Love you,Honey!

  • Khairulmuzzamir Mat Kassim
    Khairulmuzzamir Mat Kassim

    MCGABE our Overmars


    i love McCabe, my favorite player this season

  • G D
    G D

    I'm from kingswood in tallaght, knew one her sisters.. as an arsenal fan I'm so delighted about her making a name in football and of course with the gunners.. well done

  • Raúl Hernández
    Raúl Hernández

    oh yeah yeah

  • Lily Yue
    Lily Yue

    Legend for Ireland and Arsenal=Katie McCabe

  • Tris 87 Don
    Tris 87 Don

    She was very good against Tottenham away also popping up in good positions.

  • hecenmo 5
    hecenmo 5

    Katie = Baller

  • owen devereux
    owen devereux

    Irish Sensation 🇮🇪 🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • RaZeyLWindBladE

    So we got KT in the men's, and KM in the ladies. Nice.


    If im their coach I'll be silent no point of speaking 😂... No wait a sec! No point of being coach

  • Tabinci Corp
    Tabinci Corp

    KT = KMcC

  • Reason

    What's the record for the longest time to upload a north London derby?

  • Texas Taco
    Texas Taco

    McCabe vs Toone... I love it.

  • Pradhan

    Those who moan that Women's football is boring have not seen Arsenal women play ....they play in the same beautiful Arsenal way.

  • The One Above All
    The One Above All

    She is a warrior

  • shawn peter
    shawn peter

    she be playing like KT from the men's team

  • Muhamad Nouval
    Muhamad Nouval

    Next : Bench Cam

  • Roblox_E_A

    Everyone who reads this live a long peaceful life. 🥰

  • Aaron Davids
    Aaron Davids

    Better than the men’s first team. Least they have some strikers that can finish unlike money bags wannabe model Aubameyang

  • Ben Harrop
    Ben Harrop

    Please do a David Luiz episode!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Mathew Hudson
    Mathew Hudson

    I luv all the Arsenal ladies but Kate McCabe is my fav 💪👍

  • Abhigyan Khargharia
    Abhigyan Khargharia

    My new crush I know Leah (W), I'm sorry. You're my one true love, but this one's taking my heart away real quick

  • Anas HellFiRe
    Anas HellFiRe


  • Kam Doobs
    Kam Doobs


  • Satrajit Sen
    Satrajit Sen

    you know what? Actually I think we should let pur womens team play the mens league, atleast our ladies got some balls

  • Lucía Iglesias
    Lucía Iglesias

    YEEEESSSS!! GET IN!! Gotta love her hahaha

  • Mahadh Benarfa
    Mahadh Benarfa

    KT 😁


    Not all leaders wear the armband!

  • Tommy


  • Vicky Legend
    Vicky Legend

    Put Birthday special video on Mikel Arteta

    • Röbìn Drãgûnöv
      Röbìn Drãgûnöv


  • Dagirl151

    The legend that is Katie McCabe!!

  • Dhiyaurrahman Safir
    Dhiyaurrahman Safir

    Shes like the female version of KT 😂 Tough.

  • ZaaRaphz

    Katie Tierney would be a great name for her, who knows, it could be love at first sight 🥰

    • henderman

      😂😂pretty sure she's taken

  • reena Chettri
    reena Chettri

    Is she a left fullback?

    • reena Chettri
      reena Chettri

      @Mirembe Ronita thanks mate

    • Mirembe Ronita
      Mirembe Ronita

      Playing at left back now bit she is a winger

  • Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor

    Up the flats kate

  • Tawana Charumbira
    Tawana Charumbira

    "You've got her in your pocket"💀

  • Tawana Charumbira
    Tawana Charumbira

    This is KT as a woman..she got the passion

  • Moses Mudegu
    Moses Mudegu

    She overlaps like KT,she runs Like KT

    • ZaaRaphz

      And sounds like a a female KT

  • armaan king
    armaan king

    KT girlfriend 🤣

  • Austin

    Her accent🥰

  • Daniel k
    Daniel k

    Dont care

    • henderman

      @Daniel k but if you genuinely didn't care you wouldn't have even clicked on the video, right?

    • Daniel k
      Daniel k

      I didnt watch it, but i think I should comment my oppinion no matter if its positive or not

    • _

      Why did you comment on the vid if you don't care, just don't watch it if you don't care

  • Ferdi Ramadani
    Ferdi Ramadani

    Shes a leftback?

  • Kitchen Delights
    Kitchen Delights

    Reminds me so much of Kieran tierney

  • Kitchen Delights
    Kitchen Delights

    Katie McCabe was bullying Ella toone so bad 👏

  • Kitchen Delights
    Kitchen Delights

    Future Captain 👊

  • Elvin Olin
    Elvin Olin


  • Ethier Ethans
    Ethier Ethans

    Women’s football is underrated

    • Psychobingo

      Its really, really not.

  • rockstar711

    Something about Arsenal left backs

  • Naman Shah
    Naman Shah

    Is it only me or are kt and Katie very similar🤣

    • Abdifatah smasha
      Abdifatah smasha

      Her name is literally KT

    • Röbìn Drãgûnöv
      Röbìn Drãgûnöv

      Strong legs Tuck in shirt Aggressive Leadership Same position

  • Pony Boy
    Pony Boy

    The female KT, or is KT the male KM? 🤔

    • Meghdeep Roy
      Meghdeep Roy

      She is the female kt

  • George

    Open mics are nxt level experience

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname

    I love her passion!

  • michael kagechu
    michael kagechu

    Didn't know this team existed until corona pushed us home, now I have time and have become a huge fan.

  • let me die in peace
    let me die in peace

    Love her so much. So glad she play for my club ❤🤍

  • KIRK

    Boring Women's..

    • Aaron

      get a life

    • Eddie Kelleher
      Eddie Kelleher


  • Hu Hu
    Hu Hu

    Give more money to whoever came up with this content.

  • mike 3
    mike 3


  • Christian Donkoh
    Christian Donkoh

    Tierney Vibes

  • Jamkholen Mate
    Jamkholen Mate

    Another KT 😀

  • Salomon Stiernstedt
    Salomon Stiernstedt

    Arsenal is the best women team. My opinion

    • Pradhan

      They were joy to watch against Spuds Women .

    • Kings


  • JJ 7 Auba
    JJ 7 Auba

    Who doesn’t like a good bit of open mic

  • Omar Yahya
    Omar Yahya

    The one positive that this pandemic has brought is that we can hear what players are saying loud and clear

    • King Auba
      King Auba

      Well you can hear the women’s games loud and clear anyway

    • Omar Yahya
      Omar Yahya

      @DeanCutty same

    • DeanCutty

      I personally prefer it!

  • H 7
    H 7

    Naaaa she’s a savage. How’s she shouting GET IN to the United player😂😂😂

    • marilla santa
      marilla santa

      Received, thank you

  • Актан Канат
    Актан Канат

    *Who are Arsenal fan like*

  • Theo Walcott
    Theo Walcott

    No one cares

    • Alexis Osorio
      Alexis Osorio

      You rep Theo Walcott 🤣🤣

    • Aaron

      stop chasing clout

    • Firstname Lastname
      Firstname Lastname

      Didn't ask ya knob

    • Eddie Kelleher
      Eddie Kelleher

      @Wanja Jowe yeah

    • Football And Fifa Clips
      Football And Fifa Clips

      @Wanja Jowe init

  • Kye Hendrickson
    Kye Hendrickson

    Ooo something different

  • John K
    John K

    open mics are the best and especially against man utd

    • marilla santa
      marilla santa

      Received, thank you

    • Aliyu Mohammed
      Aliyu Mohammed

      998 362 046 ji

    • Aliyu Mohammed
      Aliyu Mohammed

      3stars but

    • Aliyu Mohammed
      Aliyu Mohammed

      @ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน z

    • ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน
      ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน

      Open mics are the best and especially against man utd

  • Nathan Hey
    Nathan Hey