ANATOMY OF A GOAL | "I saw the space... you have to go for it" | Bellerin v Chelsea, January 2020
Birthday boy Hector Bellerin breaks down the details behind his goal against Chelsea in January 2020 and talks us through a dramatic night at Stamford Bridge.
#arsenal #bellerin #premierleague
Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.
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  • ANM 11
    ANM 11

    You still a clown fashionova boy. Get out.

  • Haidar Aidid
    Haidar Aidid

    You are not a good player to be honest

  • A Mizzle
    A Mizzle


  • Thomas Carey
    Thomas Carey

    It was a nice goal but cmon. We drew this game

  • lam Bedul
    lam Bedul

    Miss u mesut 🔴✊🏽❤

  • Joe Klose
    Joe Klose

    2:56 the best moment in this video... Brought tears to my eyes when I saw my legend ozil

  • brit hozier hozier4
    brit hozier hozier4

    Wow 2-2 well done

  • Fo Indarto
    Fo Indarto

    Martinelli before injure 😭😭

  • Tiggles

    Look at Özil celebrating, and tell me he didn’t love the club

  • NBA


  • قناص نينوى
    قناص نينوى


  • FrostyMusic

    Not good enough for Arsenal.

  • Little B
    Little B

    "vice captain of the team for me is something that i wanted to achieve since i first got to arsenal ... " What's wrong with being a captain? I mean the one without vice-

    • Jakob B
      Jakob B

      Tierney should be the captain

  • astromoo.


  • Mousa Abkr
    Mousa Abkr

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ bellerin

  • mcdonald odijie
    mcdonald odijie

    Does insulting Bellerin, remember above all he is still a human being. Dnt be quick to judge or condemn another bcs if u are given d same opportunity, I wonder wat u wud do n if insulted like this as well, I still wonder how u would react

  • Pedro UN49
    Pedro UN49

    one of the best games in arteta era

  • Gary The Snail
    Gary The Snail

    I loved this match. I've got the celebration as my screensaver. Young players, comeback, red card, last minute goal, counter attack. Quality

  • Gunners. forever
    Gunners. forever

    Goodbye hector,please leave arsenal.

    • Emmanuel Banda
      Emmanuel Banda

      Thank you very much. we can do better. Thank you for the memories.

  • Phellep Sadrag The Poet
    Phellep Sadrag The Poet


  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams

    that goal made me spprint around the house screaming lol :)


    Happy cake day to you bele ..... but u re no longer working hard

  • Pänjì Ràjendrà
    Pänjì Ràjendrà


  • Mesaka Putea
    Mesaka Putea

    We need Martinelli for our consistency!

  • Kiyemba Ivan
    Kiyemba Ivan

    Happiest birthday to Haccey

  • Daire Conlon
    Daire Conlon

    Never doubted bellerin as captain material. Always going to fight and a player who understands the badge. It’s just unfortunate what injury’s do to players who have the whole world at their finger tips.

    • Conal Keaveney
      Conal Keaveney

      @FZPROf Bellerin was brilliant before that big injury

    • FZPROf

      ?? Ur joking right?

  • althaf jamal
    althaf jamal

    Maybe he just thought "aahh its kepa" 😆

    • Armzilla 123
      Armzilla 123

      Defo did

  • Kunjay Munjay
    Kunjay Munjay

    2:52 what a passion form mesut

  • baptiste S
    baptiste S

    Happy Birthday Heccy B


    Happy birthday 🥳🥳🎉 heccy best of wishes bro

  • the great superwololo
    the great superwololo

    Please play better hector.

  • Arsenal Fanatic
    Arsenal Fanatic

    Goosebumps. I love Arsenal

  • Excellence Ilesanmi
    Excellence Ilesanmi

    Always Mustafi! 😂


    Slavia prague helo🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿

  • 123 456
    123 456

    Bellerin 👍 A great guy and a great servant to the club.

  • Abid Shohag
    Abid Shohag

    Every Arsenal fan spotted Ozil

  • Camtjies _
    Camtjies _

    People use Bellerin as a scapegoat. DONT BE THOSE PEOPLE

  • Lord Nicklas Bendtner
    Lord Nicklas Bendtner

    worst ever arsenal right back

  • Koby Tan
    Koby Tan

    That was a great day I won’t forget. Happy birthday hector!

  • Aryo N20
    Aryo N20

    Sorry to say, but Bellerin never been the same since that big injury

  • Ariz Kamal
    Ariz Kamal

    Is it a coincidence that (ezra miller) Barry Alan and hector bellerin look similar and both are known for one thing mainly that is speed

    • Alphonsus Low
      Alphonsus Low

      @Ariz Kamal LMAO stay delusional kid

    • Ariz Kamal
      Ariz Kamal

      @Alphonsus Low So you are Just one of those clowns then. Just hates for no reason.

    • Alphonsus Low
      Alphonsus Low

      @Ariz Kamal 🤡 unite !!

    • Ariz Kamal
      Ariz Kamal

      @Alphonsus Low what you mean, literally everyone says they look the same. Idk what you on about, it's clear they look similar

    • Alphonsus Low
      Alphonsus Low

      Optometrist, anyone?

  • kelvera88 chief
    kelvera88 chief

    Happy birthday Heccy🔴⚪!!!!!!!

  • Advait Bhonde
    Advait Bhonde

    He has scored on many big occasions tbf.... 2 goals against Liverpool, 2 against Chelsea, maybe another against Man U

    • Muhammad Musa
      Muhammad Musa

      When did he score twice against Liverpool and when did he score against United coz I don’t recall

  • John K
    John K

    happy birthday hector❤️

  • D Mensah
    D Mensah

    DT definitely disliked this one 🤣

    • Emmanuel Banda
      Emmanuel Banda

      and Lee Gunner hahahaha

    • hecenmo 5
      hecenmo 5

      And Turkish maybe

  • fabsbian xox
    fabsbian xox

    2:57 Ozil really love Arsenal 💔😞

    • Andy King
      Andy King

      When I, as a fan, can clearly see the likes of Ozil is not trying, has no work ethic and patently has an massive ego and attitude problem.... AND, as a senior player in that team, that attitude was very likely rubbing off on other players, then “Houston, we have a problem”. Scapegoating is rubbish. He was obviously a malignant influence on that team, and had to go.

    • Oban

      @hecenmo 5 not scapegoating, was one of the best midfielders 2015-17 but he was petulant and greedy

    • hecenmo 5
      hecenmo 5

      The problem at Arsenal never brought by Ozil it is Arsenal which bought Ozil knowing his strength and weaknesses don't scapegoat him

    • Oban

      are you mad? he loved his 350k per week

    • Andy King
      Andy King

      A major part of the problem. Entitled selfish and lazy.

  • Ebiegberi Adonkie
    Ebiegberi Adonkie

    That match was a madness

  • Tomasz Mintah
    Tomasz Mintah

    Happy birthday Heccy B

  • Aaron Davids
    Aaron Davids

    We need strikers who are committed and can delivery Auba has lost it

  • Aaron Davids
    Aaron Davids

    Where are the highlights of the Europa game ? Oh wait there isn’t any ... Auba needs to be dropped as well

    • D Mensah
      D Mensah

      Nah he needs to be more clinical and stop being so casual in front of goal. Last season he would've buried those chances

  • DrawnByDre

    Still living off this moment it seems

  • Haziq Hafizudin
    Haziq Hafizudin


  • Olamide Àdìó Olanrewaju
    Olamide Àdìó Olanrewaju

    Fam we need a new RB lol. Thank you zhector for your loyalty, but really,you can't do it again like before.

  • RMB

    Ok but whos idea was this to make a video like this even tho it was an epic game

  • Arsenal Till I Die
    Arsenal Till I Die

    My captain!! COYG


    Try to score again, ??? We’re a man down and u want to score? I get it a mentality we want to win but cmon that could cost u the game.

  • The Alparijian's
    The Alparijian's

    Happy birthday my capt 😍

  • จิรายุส จุลปานะ
    จิรายุส จุลปานะ

    Arsenal's The Flash Hector Bellerin! ⚡ Happy Birthday to you Hector!

  • Sabiha Hafeji
    Sabiha Hafeji

    happy birthday Heccy!! Great goal against chelsea and Leeds!


    Thank you now leave

  • Seyie Su
    Seyie Su

    Happy birthday Hector.

  • Raj ozil
    Raj ozil

    I saw ozil celebrate... Miss u mesut

  • Ingars Ivanovskis
    Ingars Ivanovskis

    Happy Birthday! Please leave in summer, useless RB, who cannot defend, has no positional awareness, has lost speed and doesn't study his opponents. Anything, but a footballer. Arsenal need quality players and ones, who desire to win, like Tierney on the other side of the back 4!

  • BestInTheWorld 24
    BestInTheWorld 24

    Happy birthday but us Arsenal fans needs to stop being tame. Héctor ain't gd enough for Arsenal FC

  • Cosmin Contra
    Cosmin Contra

    Bellerin sacrificed his legs to dribble past four Chelsea players and gave a pre-assist for Aubameyang. He got a harsh tackle because of his brave action and we wouldn't get FA Cup without him

    • Cosmin Contra
      Cosmin Contra

      @Blimbing IK It looked painful to me, but Bellerin saw the opportunity and bravely seized it

    • Blimbing IK
      Blimbing IK

      Yeah, i remember the way he fell head over heels 😢 Sadly many of us forget that 😥

  • ethan _nousername
    ethan _nousername

    Heccy B Happy birthday

  • Krix Lawrence
    Krix Lawrence

    Happy birthday heccy 🎂

  • Hyk

    Bellerin goat

  • Wayne-king

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hector PR trying to reel you sentiment merchants back🤡

    • Wayne-king

      @Jonathan Blake word!! They think we stupid

    • Jonathan Blake
      Jonathan Blake

      Enough of this bellerin propaganda🤣

  • najib abdi
    najib abdi

    Analysing an equalizer we have fallen so bad man.

    • FFM _
      FFM _

      Against 10 man & away & against Chelsea? I don't think so, calm down

  • Wivas Poudel
    Wivas Poudel

    Longest serving player of our club at the moment. Happy birthday Heccy B. Have a good one❤️🙏

  • Małopolan

    saw this on twitter before

  • 초코파이

    Plz sell him. He can not defence.

    • Wanglen salam
      Wanglen salam

      Do you not know that Bellerin has the most number of tackles out of all the Arsenal players this season ??

  • Vira Suria
    Vira Suria

    My RB

  • Cinna

    Bellerin Always score to save Arsenal against Chelsea

  • 하지승

    Love ya heci!

  • Tulela

    Happy birthday Heccy B!🎉

  • North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
    North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast

    The martinelli and Bellerin goals were great! And after losing Luiz to a red card made them even better! 🔴⚪️👌🏻😎

    • Armzilla 123
      Armzilla 123

      Martinelli is training to be a striker

    • Sreejith Gopakumar
      Sreejith Gopakumar

      Especially bellerin was great scored a goal as well

    • Freezerburst

      Ye We should still start Martinelli because he’s class

  • The Meme is dead
    The Meme is dead

    Imagine DT seeing this

    • BestInTheWorld 24
      BestInTheWorld 24


    • Sachin Kumar
      Sachin Kumar

      DT sucks bruv! Leave him alone.

  • Akku

    Mustafi is a moron. Hits the ball back at Luiz. I have never seen a more cowardly player.

  • Christian Nørgaard
    Christian Nørgaard

    Martinellis goal was much better than Bellerins

  • Gunner Girl
    Gunner Girl

    Go check out my Arsenal v Olympiacos match review (gunner girl)

  • Bram Mesta
    Bram Mesta

    Just leave this club,and stop playing football here,since you in the modelling,your change,a lot

    • Rintluanga Renthlei
      Rintluanga Renthlei

      I hmel a nih chu

  • كرار الزبيدي
    كرار الزبيدي


  • Mouhamed Ndiaye
    Mouhamed Ndiaye

    Arsenal slavia 🔥🔥

  • Taib Ali
    Taib Ali

    First person like please

  • Sam Rathbone
    Sam Rathbone

    Don’t Leave Bellerin

    • Stumpt Dragon5
      Stumpt Dragon5

      @Ilyas Keyre yes, I hate him because he's s**t. And whenever we score I celebrate because I support the team. I don't just support one player like you clearly do. Bellerin is a dead footballer who can't even throw a ball and he deserves to be sold. He's crap defensively and is not even better than Cedric at going forward. He doesn't link up well with anybody who plays in front of him, even Chambers is better at rb than him.

    • Ilyas Keyre
      Ilyas Keyre

      @Stumpt Dragon5 ur just a bellerin hater. I bet u didn’t even celebrate his goal v Leeds or when he gets assists

    • Stumpt Dragon5
      Stumpt Dragon5

      @Ilyas Keyre I hate him because he's a sorry excuse for a footballer and doesn't have the talent to be anywhere near this team.

    • Ilyas Keyre
      Ilyas Keyre

      @Stumpt Dragon5 another bellerin hater

    • Stumpt Dragon5
      Stumpt Dragon5

      @Ilyas Keyre That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard😂. If somebody has a good run of games they will be good. No s**t sherlock🤦‍♂️😂

  • John Mwangi
    John Mwangi

    Happy birthday hecto

  • Mizkiin Yare
    Mizkiin Yare


  • Raushan.k.s 56
    Raushan.k.s 56


  • Threets Aderex
    Threets Aderex

    Why are u doing this vid now lol

  • Chawnghlut Zorammuana
    Chawnghlut Zorammuana

    After refresh why am I still first??

    • alt f4
      alt f4

      No. Boro

    • Ayo Emmanuel
      Ayo Emmanuel

      Your not

  • RIAN Tv 99
    RIAN Tv 99


  • Sam Rathbone
    Sam Rathbone


  • Arjav Iyer
    Arjav Iyer


  • William Tranter
    William Tranter


  • Ayo Emmanuel
    Ayo Emmanuel