OPEN MIC | Kieran Tierney's north London derby passion! | Arsenal 2-1 Tottenham | Premier League
Hear the sounds of the game from our latest episode of Open Mic, which focuses on Kieran Tierney during our north London derby victory over Tottenham at Emirates Stadium.
#arsenal #premierleague #kierantierney
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  • Jamie Plimmer
    Jamie Plimmer

    Rule Brittany a at 2 mins, kt lol

  • Katy Webb
    Katy Webb

    A deflection and a diving scream by a little girl penalty... And the RABONA OF LAMELAAAAAAAA THAT WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • TJ1714

    Next captain soon?

  • WarrioromarZ Thefirst
    WarrioromarZ Thefirst

    He has connected a huge celtic gan base with arsenal. I watch arsenal just to see how he is gtn on.


    Quaaaack quaaaack


    I’ve watched this so many times 😂

  • Daylon Fawcett
    Daylon Fawcett

    Missing him everyday always will be a tim tho

  • daniel Ozor
    daniel Ozor

    Guy can make a good captain

  • Andy M
    Andy M

    I'm a Hearts fan but I knew when Tierney came to arsenal he would be one of their best players and would play for the shirt. Need half of the team like that to compensate for the overpaid primadonnas.

  • Mick H
    Mick H

    Captain KT. God bless you son. Hope you go on and do bigger things . From all the true Celtic fans who understand why you left to go to Arsenal. 🇮🇪🍀 always welcome back at Celtic park 🙏🏻


    I’m my oppinion he is the best left back in the world

  • Yanko David
    Yanko David

    The grouchy panties anatomically saw because men individually separate since a chunky care. lively, robust snowflake

  • Jessi Jam
    Jessi Jam

    Erik Lamela is a dirty player, every derby game I watch, he is kind of the most annoying, why someone just make a tackle to put him in the ambulance so he can be less dirty play.

  • rigatone

    We haven't been able to replace him (at Celtic), he's too good to replicate. Great to see his career flourishing at Arsenal. With a few great players, you could kick on next season for a better league spot. He's close to outgoing captain Scott Brown and coincidentally learned the short sleeves in winter from him 😄

  • Fungusz _
    Fungusz _

    1:06 Teachers on the corridor

  • Monk Killedababy
    Monk Killedababy

    I grew up in a Celtic family, and I’m an arsenal supporter too... this has been surreal to watch. Kids basically living my dream

  • nesi Ness
    nesi Ness

    Future arsenal captain

  • Salil Panse
    Salil Panse

    Why does his quick sound like quack lmao

  • EXO

    Love odegaard

  • Messiah Ngangelyi
    Messiah Ngangelyi

    Do more defenders

  • A G
    A G

    My favorite player.

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    his voice breaking at "how" many chances was 100% Scottish 😂😂

  • flying balloons
    flying balloons

    Nice touch from KT celtic shin guards

  • Jaruboon Tangtanawat
    Jaruboon Tangtanawat

    Oh captian , My captain

  • Raceridi Di
    Raceridi Di

    킹스날 화이팅

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      That Bhoy just oozes class and makes Arsenal tick. I watch yous because he’s playing! Our loss you’re gain 👍✌️

  • Michael Ofarrell
    Michael Ofarrell

    Brilliant guy wish him all the success for the future!

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Like to activate.

  • Lou Hee
    Lou Hee

    This look like the next Ashley Cole. On the list, thanks gunners.

  • John

    0:03 Ducks in Scotland be like

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    his voice breaking at "how" many chances was 100% Scottish 😂😂

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      Super captain

  • Natanael Eddy Rompis
    Natanael Eddy Rompis


  • Difan.

    we need more.

  • Kevin Pratama Loputra
    Kevin Pratama Loputra

    01:33 Here you go, my fellow Gunners!

    • Kevin Pratama Loputra
      Kevin Pratama Loputra

      @bouytt guyt Yes, Bro! Agreeee. What a bargain! We need to keep and develop him to the next level

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Give this man the captains armband next season. He is literally the only player who for us is 'captain material'

  • Brian Beharry
    Brian Beharry

    coming from a city fan i've been watching alot of arsenal games this season and tierney has shown alot of passion in games. for me him or martin should be captain in the future

  • Living Legend
    Living Legend

    I see celtic and arsenal emblem on his shin guard

  • Alex Schoelcher
    Alex Schoelcher

    That song they play every time someone scores is terrible

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    the Emirates, but also a passionate, motivation driven leader to us. Been carrying out left flank for this entire season. Love him and his yellings, what a man!

  • Adhim Dhamara Helmiputra
    Adhim Dhamara Helmiputra

    I love him passion, will be the next arsenal captain in a few years

  • CKY Kimura
    CKY Kimura

    My goodness ...good captain...natural...had a fren who was like this...u may dislike him but he is correct

  • Robin Banks
    Robin Banks

    That Bhoy just oozes class and makes Arsenal tick. I watch yous because he’s playing! Our loss you’re gain 👍✌️

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone


  • Gunners4Life

    To have him wearing the Arsenal shirt is such a blessing, the club future ✌🏻😁

  • Toosaucyykk Yt
    Toosaucyykk Yt

    1:34 future captain

  • Rob Cross
    Rob Cross

    He’s a bad muppet

  • KSa

    Our future captain.

  • Salum Khan
    Salum Khan

    Super captain

  • ฉันรักJISOO


  • Олег Шилов
    Олег Шилов


  • Wasted Audio
    Wasted Audio

    Give this man the captains armband next season. He is literally the only player who for us is 'captain material'

  • Cher


  • Hamada Manga
    Hamada Manga

    They guy knows he is filmed 😅

  • James Hill
    James Hill

    My lb❤️💚

  • sam kush
    sam kush

    My Captain 😍

  • Begbie

    Great content 💚❤

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze

    Just make him captain now please... Natural born leader

  • Юрий Дудь
    Юрий Дудь


  • 1 1
    1 1

    Next time KT plays against Spurs he'll bring some butter and jam to have with his Doherty on toast.

  • Saad Muzzammil
    Saad Muzzammil

    Thank you, Celtic for this gem 💎

  • Jaashon Thevarasa
    Jaashon Thevarasa

    captain fodder

  • Muzamil Kisekka
    Muzamil Kisekka

    Tierney is not even dat excited with the second goal cse he knows its not over yet

  • Phil McCrakin
    Phil McCrakin

    Future Captain all day every day!!

  • NissZ

    The real captains

  • PrestoPlay

    Love this guy

  • Riefda Maharani
    Riefda Maharani

    Omg i love him , i wish liverpool sign him

  • xyzfaa

    what is the song they played after the goal?

  • xB4SSx xD3V3L0P3x
    xB4SSx xD3V3L0P3x

    future captain

  • Gow Mitch
    Gow Mitch

    Damn I'm old, player cam is back and what a way for me to see my 1st in year, liking this guy love seeing positive anger on the pitch, Captain in the making, a man barks at you in a Scottish accent you listen and do!

  • Nilanjan Mhatre
    Nilanjan Mhatre


  • Leo Einarsson
    Leo Einarsson

    At 00:23 Gabriel warns Tierney about Kane’s trademark step back when defenders jump to head the ball. He did his research. 🤍❤️

  • Never Look back
    Never Look back

    The man

  • Osh at Large
    Osh at Large

    Future Captain that man is.

  • chii O
    chii O

    KT is born commander. Captain IMO.

  • Febio Wendiady
    Febio Wendiady

    KT - the only player who can play in the Invincible squad! KT>>>> Cashley Cole

  • Brown Y
    Brown Y

    How cant we love him?

  • Jack Waters
    Jack Waters

    Gabriel and Tierney 2 absolute warriors. Something we haven't had for years!

  • JeanTargaryen

    Just out future captain 😍💪

  • J P
    J P

    Take the armband off Auba and give it to this guy!

  • Candra Rezce
    Candra Rezce

    Keren ada open mic sekarang

  • Kris Daly
    Kris Daly

    What a legend 🍀💚

  • Finn the Artist
    Finn the Artist

    Give this man the armband next season!

  • Victor

    Future CAPTAIN no doubt,

  • David Atkinson
    David Atkinson

    Kind of personality you need to win games

  • ESR Tierney_
    ESR Tierney_

    tierney is love

  • Andika Farhan Koto
    Andika Farhan Koto

    Our Future Captain! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Raz Velji
    Raz Velji

    Just when you think you couldn’t love this guy anymore!!

  • Umbu Saefudin
    Umbu Saefudin

    the legend is born dudeee!

  • david eman
    david eman

    Next leader Long time no see Player like this I man utd fan

  • Scott Knight
    Scott Knight

    We need to give Celtic a big tip as a thank you for this guy.

  • Bonny Bonny
    Bonny Bonny

    The last time we had such passion...nobody in England could touch us.

  • Anson Lee
    Anson Lee

    Captain material

  • ShaneAllenTV

    That’s my captain right there tbh

  • Lee Alexander
    Lee Alexander

    Auba has passed his peak, Xhaka though much improved still has a calamitous error in his pocket, Bellerin is mentally weak. KT plays with his heart on his sleeve and has been the one player in the side to take every game by the scruff of the neck when no one else will. Proper leadership material. GIVE. HIM. THE. ARMBAND.

  • A-Azad

    Love to see how Gabriel & Tierney become close and how they two working together..and i can see David Luiz who already play at Epl so many years..also show huge respect to young talented player as Tierney...we so lucky to have Tierney and want to see he stay more longer and want he become Arsenal captain someday♥️

  • Rahul Senapati
    Rahul Senapati

    Our future captain 💪

  • J D
    J D

    Kierney + Captaincy = 🔥🔥🔥


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  • Wither Riderr
    Wither Riderr

    4:10 as a Celtic fan not only glad to see he’s doing well but just seeing that he is still wearing that Celtic shin pad is just so good to see Routing for you gunners in europa

  • Joe Gill
    Joe Gill

    I honestly admire him so much and watching this is absolutely amazing

  • B Cay
    B Cay


  • ScreemzHD

    Tierney and Gabriel / Captain and Co Captain.

  • Carlos Aguilera
    Carlos Aguilera

    This kid needs to be made Arsenal captain sooner rather than later