HIGHLIGHTS | Arsenal vs Manchester United (2-0) | Women's Super League
We secured three vital points in the race for Champions League qualification on Friday as we ran out 2-0 winners over Manchester United.
Leah Williamson missed out through injury, but Lotte Wubben-Moy stepped up in her absence to score our second and deliver an outstanding defensive performance.
We wasted no time in asserting our dominance over Casey Stoney’s side, as we played through United’s press and opened the scoring after just three minutes.
Caitlin Foord broke free down the left and slipped through Jill Roord, who fizzed the ball across the face of goal and forced Millie Turner to bundle into her own net.
We went on to carve out a number of half chances, but in truth, United wrestled back control and we struggled for possession throughout the remainder of the first half.
Joe Montemurro was visibly frustrated on the touchline and called for his side to regroup and settle things down, as United continued to press high and force mistakes.
Once again, though, we came flying out of the blocks following the restart and doubled our advantage through one of our own.
Katie McCabe whipped in a dangerous corner delivery and Wubben-Moy was on hand to head home with power.
As the hour mark passed, we looked set to cruise our way to the finish line, but there would be one last twist to the tale as Beth Mead saw red for a second yellow card.
United pushed and pushed in search of sparking a late comeback, but we held our shape and came away with a clean sheet and three vital points.
#arsenal #arsenalwomen
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  • Mario •Death To All• Yamasaki
    Mario •Death To All• Yamasaki

    Am i the only one coming here to find happines after watching the men’s team flop

  • pwlua

    Our defence was as shaky as our men and their forwards misfired as their men in this match. So the result: we won by a silly goal and an opportunistic goal, exactly as how our men beat their men.

  • Robert Craig
    Robert Craig


  • fun

    what happened to midema? the defence was ???

  • Gary Dean
    Gary Dean

    UP THE GUNNERS ! always in Support, No matter if the Men OR Woman's Football. Arsenal Forever....

  • macabre2007

    Casey Stoney was shameful the way she saw any tackle - absolutely any tackle on James as a foul when it was all simulation, and Toone should have received a yellow card, as she was leaving her foot in every press she did, so I am so glad we beat the sore loser - yes she is part of the first Arsenal Women's team I saw, but as a manager she was shameful, as was the referee - for letting Utd get away with their fouls while being hoodwinked by Stoney's false claims.

  • Anthony Haywood
    Anthony Haywood

    Really good effort

  • Kam Doobs
    Kam Doobs

    pls upload Katie McCabe open mic on here!!

  • SpeedStrengthJames

    Be nice if the mens highlights were 5 minutes like this instead of 2 minutes

  • Herbert Alijuna
    Herbert Alijuna

    Wow my darlingS arsenal ladies keep shinning💕💕💟😻😻😻😻😻

  • will nash
    will nash

    if that was any of the men missing those chances the girls miss, they would be getting saluted, but it the girls no one wants to be harsh on the girls... have the same energy for both genders who miss the chances and defend poorly, united go through Arsenal defensive too easily in this game. but no one will say that because it the girls.

  • 96Tiara

    Looking at the comments here, it's almost like people forget that 3 of our strongest defenders were unavailable for the match! Like of course the back line had trouble, we didn't have Jen, Leah OR Viki! The story would have been very different if they were fit and playing the match.

  • Eutu Ben
    Eutu Ben

    Really great

  • Burtn Ernie
    Burtn Ernie

    Go on the goonerettes......

  • Ali Khosroshahi
    Ali Khosroshahi

    آرسن ونگر تو قلب من جا دارد

  • tojo

    Very lucky win...almost as if the women's team has been taking defending tips from the men's team


    Woww gunners for ever

  • Haris Zuki
    Haris Zuki

    Too many simple mistake at the backline. Need to fix that

  • Lyon Joel
    Lyon Joel

    Utd clowns 😂😂

  • OP

    The first yellow was a bit harsh, thou.

  • MarcsHyper 1310
    MarcsHyper 1310

    I love arsenal. But women... shocking defending and attacking💀

  • claudiowangu

    Am i the only one who follows Arsenal men,women and youth squads?

  • laura kate
    laura kate

    Please text Me: (Eight Five Six) = (Three Two Four) = (Seven One Four Eight)

  • Bung GP Giuseppe Pramono
    Bung GP Giuseppe Pramono

    Disyukuri Kemenangan, EPL Putri Pekan 16. VCC, COYG.

  • davesaussieduster

    DVD really got bounced by James

  • Kim Toft Johannsen
    Kim Toft Johannsen

    Shaite ... what horrible amateur defending by Arsenal, got lucky though 👏

  • Steward Momin
    Steward Momin

    By God Men's team or Women's, it's the same story. "We are our own enemies".

  • SwitchSight Evo
    SwitchSight Evo

    They did not take their chances at the final third... Man Utd need to work on their clinical finishes..

  • Dennis Cadam
    Dennis Cadam

    It is always a joy to trash United. Whether it's the boy's or girl's team. COYG!

  • Dj Mendez Kenya
    Dj Mendez Kenya

    Even with ten players Arsenal managed to get the three points and keep a clean sheet! Congratulations ladies!!

  • Pradhan

    Glad we mugged off MANU for change ...usually its the other way around. If we are not careful like the men's team the women's would also get knocked of their perch very soon bcoz of the increased investment by the other big names.

  • milflover33

    Red card unfair.

  • Najwa Aqilah
    Najwa Aqilah

    When will they improve their defence? It was so gut wrenching

    • Najwa Aqilah
      Najwa Aqilah

      @Röbìn Drãgûnöv saya mainly tengok women's game. Penang

    • Röbìn Drãgûnöv
      Röbìn Drãgûnöv

      awak fans Arsenal ker? tinggal kt mane?

  • sarifudin 98
    sarifudin 98

    Flat milk

  • Deddy Limabelas
    Deddy Limabelas

    I think this game seems so thought like man player. Good job!

  • letícia f.
    letícia f.

    lotte FANTÁSTICA!

  • NsControl

    i love watching these

  • Vasil Bekov
    Vasil Bekov

    Big up Ladies!😁- another big win , another amazing performance! - keep the tempo!😁- you're the best team in the WSL - it's time to start "collecting" souls - and show how really good you can be!😁- Congrats

  • Unknown Vision
    Unknown Vision

    Is this our stadium

  • Oc Babs
    Oc Babs

    Important win... Real team performance with grit!

  • Guten Abend
    Guten Abend

    Damn, Joe. So much for figuring out proper way to manage United's gegenpress. Very lucky United's frontline being not clinical at all.

    • will nash
      will nash

      @Guten Abend watch the game u sexist mug look how many mistakes the girls did if this was a female coach u wouldn't be saying this stop ignoring what I'm saying

    • Guten Abend
      Guten Abend

      @will nash duh i'm a male. My opinion has nothing to do with any agenda. Joe's the one who keeps telling he knows what to do, which apparently not. "we had the exit plans (to get away from the press) and we had prepared solutions for it to be honest and it was a little bit to do with execution" He said this prior the game and turns out there's no exit plan and it's not due to how the defense line failed to execute. The mid and front didn't get close when they play from the back. No one picking up the pass. If it was a mistake made by the girls, Joe has 90 minutes to shout at them to do the right thing which evidently he didn't do. Safe to assume it's his plan that was failed.

    • will nash
      will nash


  • A Y Bangz
    A Y Bangz

    What a game. What a massive 3 points 👏

  • Nemz

    Proud of our girls,Lotte was immense on this game.

  • Faisal Rinaldi
    Faisal Rinaldi

    Where is miedema?

  • Olamide Àdìó Olanrewaju
    Olamide Àdìó Olanrewaju

    Why is our defense so horrible? We could easily have lost by four goals.

  • Underrated Music
    Underrated Music

    1:43 Couldn't tell the difference between the Women's James and the men's James 🤣🤣🤣

    • Josuha Doka
      Josuha Doka

      @Pjesu Davido

    • Josuha Doka
      Josuha Doka

      @Pjesu taken

    • Pjesu


  • NJ sports
    NJ sports

    first arsenal women football highlight i've watched and this proves why i don't watch it. James is the england women football star but she plays like a U15 academy men player

  • Mesaka Putea
    Mesaka Putea

    Wow! Man Uih has a lot of good chances! Our girls are so lucky!

  • Hane Louw
    Hane Louw

    my team

  • 조중동네이버쓰레기들척살

    stop show yellow cards,

  • sOnu nEgI
    sOnu nEgI

    👠👠⚽ Behind every success ,lies a great sacrifice..

  • thetrailblazer11

    You should upload more stuff about the women's team. The game was on Friday and you uploaded the video now. Just do better

  • Ashton Kthcer
    Ashton Kthcer


  • Keith

    Beth Mead inducing heart attacks from 60th minute onwards

  • Siliwangi Fans Club Banyumas
    Siliwangi Fans Club Banyumas


  • Reason

    An unnecessary red card. Could really hurt the run-in.

  • Nico Vinn
    Nico Vinn

    Where's Auba??

  • Ariam Samuel
    Ariam Samuel

    Guys watch all the ads, we need to help arsernal get Martin Oddegard.

    • Leasha

      Madrid wont sell him

    • Leo Messi
      Leo Messi

      @OP we have him only on loan

    • OP

      We already have him xexe

    • Darryl Sanneuvell Rachmat
      Darryl Sanneuvell Rachmat

      No, that's for Kroenke.

    • HChhs 17
      HChhs 17

      Yup 👍🤣

  • Hankle Sacks
    Hankle Sacks

    Reminds me of the mens team, the way they were constantly giving opportunities to the opposition.

  • Haris Pramajakti
    Haris Pramajakti


    • will nash
      will nash

      joe not the one giving United all those chances, lol you sound like a right sexist, funny that isn't it, how people have the same energy everytime a male is coaching female sqaud, but when it a female coach everyone has different energy and people wanna have the nerv shout about sexism, male coaches in women football get so much greif, when a female coach does mistakes, its all ok no worries we love you, you are our coach.

  • Shamar Thompson
    Shamar Thompson


  • Ebiegberi Adonkie
    Ebiegberi Adonkie


  • SlickSofie

    beth's red card was questionable

  • KING AB Yt
    KING AB Yt

    they are still doing better than the men like 🤣🤣🤣

  • Welly Vanhelen
    Welly Vanhelen

    Great moy

  • Denny Susilo
    Denny Susilo

    Arsenal Womens and Men are pushing to UCL (i'll remember my words)

  • Kunte Okonji
    Kunte Okonji

    Come On You Goonerrettes!

  • ༄

    Where is Cavani..

  • Ahmadullah Noori
    Ahmadullah Noori

    The first one on Beth Mead - a complete wrong judgement by the referee. The second one, Beth should've been careful if already on a yellow. The team was already in full control, so no need for such aggressive move. But the tensions were high on this game and it was expected that both teams would give its 100% to this game as they did. The fast 90 minutes played in women football.

  • Mystic 24
    Mystic 24

    Love you Ladies!!!! Keep the good work!!!!!!!

  • Mystic 24
    Mystic 24

    I will marry Leah Williamson, she is my crash!

    • idek


  • Jhesley Meira
    Jhesley Meira

    Girls on fire 🔥🔥🔥 🔴⚪

  • Ramona cleotilde vargas
    Ramona cleotilde vargas

    Bien ganado!!!👈🇦🇷⚽️

  • ZeppelinBigFan

    What was that first yellow for Mead? Ridiculously soft.

  • 4KJordan

    the shooting is so terrible but good W

  • Stanley Anyadike
    Stanley Anyadike

    Apart from the two goals, we were outplayed from start to finish

    • Mirembe Ronita
      Mirembe Ronita

      @Ahmadullah Noori what I said was that they dominated possession but we were in control of the game according to me Stats Ars v United 38 - 62 possession 10 - 12 shots 4 - 3 on target 6 - 1 corners

    • Ahmadullah Noori
      Ahmadullah Noori

      @Mirembe Ronita Possession: 62%, Shots: 12 while united were at 10, 1 Corner and that was a goal for Arsenal, 12 fouls for Arsenal while 14 for the United. We judge based on our perceptions without checking the technical details. The team got down to 10 with a wrong first judgement on Beth Mead, but it was a clean sheet for Arsenal. What else can determine the domination of the game than playing with 10 and losing the best player and still manage 30 minutes with clean sheet.

    • Mirembe Ronita
      Mirembe Ronita

      @Ahmadullah Noori most people saying we were outplayed did not watch the game. Sure United had more possession but the control was ours, at one point they resorted to just long ball and long range shots

    • Ahmadullah Noori
      Ahmadullah Noori

      Arsenals was controlling 61% of the game from start to finish. The highlights only shows the attacks and major happenings of the game. They literally dominated the game even with down to 10 in second half.

  • johnboy14z

    I don't follow women's football to much, I'm here for the win over utd

    • Doran Smith
      Doran Smith


    • potentialswillrule

      We are usually awful against the big 3 in the last few seasons, we always lose so I'm surprised of the win

  • Rancid Pumpkin
    Rancid Pumpkin

    Well done Ladies. Always great to beat these mugs.

  • Bonny Bonny
    Bonny Bonny

    The senior team could do well with this defence.

    • Bernd Leno
      Bernd Leno

      @Bonny Bonny Yes difference is that was against a top premier league team

    • Bonny Bonny
      Bonny Bonny

      @Bernd Leno Did you see how many goals we conceded in the first half?

    • Bernd Leno
      Bernd Leno

      Did u see the chances man United had 🤣

    • Clifford Leqheku
      Clifford Leqheku

      We were wide open,ladies were just lucky not to concede a goal

  • Müller Jan
    Müller Jan

    good W but no one can say that women should be paid the same as men

  • samsideen barry
    samsideen barry

    Happy for the victory

  • West Bank
    West Bank

    Mead first yellow card wasn't deserving


    0:46 Hope your back is fine, Daan😂

  • Zach Kri
    Zach Kri

    Come on lass.. Don't copy the men's team defending now.. Good win tho..

  • Amar 23
    Amar 23

    How did United not score in this game..!?!? 😭😭😭 They surely have their shooting drills with Anthony Martial lmao😂😂😂

    • Reason

      @Amar 23 If you say so. I know many Arsenal fans don't have high expectations these days.

    • Amar 23
      Amar 23

      @Reason The Guy has literally carried the club on his own since arriving.. And even in his flop season.. He's scored 15 goals in all competitions so far.. Which surely ain't Auba's level but it ain't that disastrous as you are making it look like.. 😂✌️

    • Reason

      @Amar 23 Have you checked how many games are left? Great strikers don't go this long. Sorry, and I hope I'm wrong, but he's past his prime. Either that or he's not happy anymore.

    • Amar 23
      Amar 23

      @Reason Relax man.. This is the first time in almost 3 years that he's been below par.. It was gonna happen sometime.. He'll be firing again..

    • Reason

      Or Aubamayang. Hopefully our keeper is better than Leno. As bad as he is this coach probably won't sell an FA Cup winner.

  • G B
    G B

    Congrats girls! I rated that Wubben-Moy performance! What a player! 3rd place and a Champions League spot are in your hands! We play the scum on Saturday afternoon. Nothing less than a victory in the NLD will do, we also can't afford to drop any points in our last 6 games if we are to secure 3rd. COYG!!!!

  • Sam DeFabbo
    Sam DeFabbo

    What a performance what a crucial 3 points!!!

    • ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน
      ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน

      What a performance what a crucial 3 points!!!!!

  • Hazoo Saas official
    Hazoo Saas official

    Yes i am Arsenal funs keep goin

  • Nathaniel Worlar
    Nathaniel Worlar

    This is one of the best female highlights I have watche in a while.

    • Ash26gg

      Are you watching the same highlights? It's one of the worst I've seen them play

  • Holy Msson
    Holy Msson

    This coaching staff are very poor, if Chelsea or City catch us like this, that is war.... Manchester came from regulation last season and they are already dominating us...

    • Mirembe Ronita
      Mirembe Ronita

      @Holy Msson last season we beat city twice I don't know what happened this season. It's Chelsea that worries me, we have not beaten them since that 5 nil win at their home in 2018

    • Holy Msson
      Holy Msson

      @will nash oh I see

    • will nash
      will nash

      @Holy Msson I know for a fact u blame the Male players for their mistakes come on u coward admit ur soft on women

    • will nash
      will nash

      @Holy Msson yeah because your a sexist cause the coach is Male look at the mistakes the girls did that not his fault

    • Holy Msson
      Holy Msson

      @will nash I am tired of people only seeing the results but not the tactics

  • John Mwangi
    John Mwangi

    Well done

  • The Bored Youtube Gamer
    The Bored Youtube Gamer

    Let’s see how many subs I gain from this comment Current subs gained:0

  • Sushan Roy Pinto
    Sushan Roy Pinto

    Lmao Joe said that he'll deal with United's aggressive front pressure and did this

    • Amal 66
      Amal 66

      @Sushan Roy Pinto yes we were lucky but managed well after going a player down

    • Sushan Roy Pinto
      Sushan Roy Pinto

      @Amal 66 yeah we barley survived though

    • Amal 66
      Amal 66

      Hmm... His team won in the end

  • Mousa Abkr
    Mousa Abkr


  • Wivas Poudel
    Wivas Poudel

    Back on track ladies!!! Now let’s push for UCL spot❤️🙏

  • ሀበሻ Tiktok
    ሀበሻ Tiktok

    First comment and view 🇪🇹 coyg

  • Spark

    You should post a video full of ads so we can watch em all so you get funds

  • Razak Tisor
    Razak Tisor

    Up gunners

  • Divonne Barnett
    Divonne Barnett

    Good going girls keep up the good work

  • Mattias Lindström
    Mattias Lindström