The toughest episode so far! | Who is the GOAT Brazilian baller? | David Luiz & Willian
Quite possibly the most stressful World Cup of Everything to date!
David Luiz and Willian sit down to work out who is the greatest Brazilian footballer from their lifetime.
The boys choose between:
• Ronaldinho v Robinho
• Dani Alves v Cafu
Ronaldo v Coutinho
• Rivaldo v Casemiro
• Roberto Carlos v Maicon
• Kaka v Fernandinho
• Neymar v Thiago Silva
• Lucio v Marcelo
#arsenal #willian #davidluiz #neymar #ronaldo #kaka
Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.
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  • Acadia U
    Acadia U

    David luiz talking about the kids... 🥺

  • Albert Øyehaug
    Albert Øyehaug


  • Farhan paan
    Farhan paan

    Ronaldo & Ronaldinho intense 😂😂

  • antonio

    Pelè Ronaldinho Ronaldo9

  • Nordic Gaming
    Nordic Gaming

    Pele is a bit controversial. If not for him, football would not be as popular as it is today. But back in his time, standards were much lower. Football was still in a "primitive" state. It's more tactically developed now. It's easy to brand him the best player of all time but objectively speaking he's not even close.

  • V Dobb
    V Dobb

    Ronaldinho is the goat of all

  • Darshananth Jayaraman
    Darshananth Jayaraman

    Shdnt even be a debate..the brazilian ronaldo destroyed the best defenders in the world...

  • youngtiteakachamp

    No Pele, Garrincha? They really put Marcelo & Casemiro instead?

  • Ben Barnard
    Ben Barnard

    This really isn’t even a contest. Ronaldo is easily the best player on this list. Ability wise Ronaldinho was out of this world but from a longevity and a real contribution for Brazil argument , he falls well short, which is a shame because Ronaldinho was simply a joy to watch. 🙌🏻

  • Jarret C
    Jarret C

    what's most annoying about arsenal shoving willian down it's fans throats is that there are more talented young players he's taking playing time from.

  • Shaheed Morwe
    Shaheed Morwe

    Willian would look dope if he braided his hair.. A lil transformation to gain his identity as an Arsenal player. That Afro still reminds us of his Chelsea career.

  • Meng TV
    Meng TV

    Wheres Romario?

  • Anthony Ferrante
    Anthony Ferrante

    William has great teeth

  • __

    David luiz played with ronaldinho?

    • Gary Hooper
      Gary Hooper

      Maybe with PSG?

  • Alex Graney
    Alex Graney

    I love Willian man he's doing really well

  • Mina isma Waifu
    Mina isma Waifu

    I agree Ronaldo o phenomeno is the greatest Brazilian player of all time

  • pharaoh

    Great vid

  • sting rae
    sting rae

    They both need to leave

  • Estevez

    No Andre Santos, Denilson and Julio Baptista?

  • Mike Hansen
    Mike Hansen

    This would have been better if they actually compared players in the same positions. Ronaldinho vs Cafu? C'mon son.

  • Rohit Raghavan
    Rohit Raghavan

    The guy with the most talent ever brazilian or otherwise was Ronaldinho. Wht a shame his career ended so abruptly.

  • Ronald Khunga
    Ronald Khunga

    Goes without question or doubt... O Fenomeno was a generational player. Have not seen anything like him since.

  • Might Guy
    Might Guy

    More like who should we sell first

  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael

    Not Wilian or Luiz we have dead Brazilians except Martineli none of the big 6 would take them for free get rid of them especially Wilian absolute flop go back to Chelski

  • Jonathon De Freitas
    Jonathon De Freitas


  • ridwan kurniawan
    ridwan kurniawan

    Lacazette Sell, Bellerin Sell, Granit Xhaka Sell, This player has long joined the arsenal but the performance is far from satisfying, the player does not have a winning mentality!Ceballos OUT Back to madrid, David Luiz Out & Willian OUT!

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    Eric Jackson

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      Nina Dietz

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      Doug Warford

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  • Inverness Fan
    Inverness Fan

    Pele is the Greatest of all time for Brazil.

  • Kafu Berhe
    Kafu Berhe

    For me it should be ronaldo vs Ronaldinho in the final

  • Anna Roche
    Anna Roche

    Cool! I'd choose Ronaldo, too, but I'd have suffered the same as they did going through Neymar, Ronaldinho, and Kaka.

  • ITA Aviram
    ITA Aviram

    Do it more !

  • Rhys Ness
    Rhys Ness

    Ronaldo better than Messi and CR7

  • pepino

    R9 vs Ronaldinho deserved to be the final

  • Zé

    Faltou o RIBAMAR aí

  • EvilRL

    The 10 legends in no order: Pele. Maradona. Ronaldo 9. Zidane. Ronaldinho. Thierry Henry. Cruyff. Beckenbauer. Maldini. The Lord Bendtner.

  • Baroz Noma
    Baroz Noma

    Willian has the most assists in arsenal at 7 assists. He was brought to do exactly that so Arsenal fans should show him more respect ☑️

    • evoke

      context and wages

  • vsxdgegn sign. fhndvdhn
    vsxdgegn sign. fhndvdhn


  • R.

    Ehhhhh you put Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo in one bank, that was always going to be trouble.

  • astronomic

    Willian, never deserve those hate❤️

  • BigotGaming

    remove random crits

  • adeleida toreh
    adeleida toreh


  • adeleida toreh
    adeleida toreh

    Goot arsanal

  • adeleida toreh
    adeleida toreh

    Hi wilian

  • slimcrazy06


  • kieran mcloughlin
    kieran mcloughlin

    Willian, the worst player ever for Arsenal regardless of his few assists

  • lordking615

    Would’ve been nicer to add some video snippets of the goals these legends have scored in their time😍

  • Vikinger

    Loved this! 🔥 Martinelli and Gabriel will be joining these icons soon! ✨

    • HChhs 17
      HChhs 17

      @J andres shutup

    • Jose Bahena
      Jose Bahena

      Fingers crossed!

    • J andres
      J andres


  • Bobby Farnden
    Bobby Farnden

    Where’s pele?

  • shaunacole1

    Dumb questions with obvious answers

  • Douglas Scapin
    Douglas Scapin

    Arsenal Poderia contratar alguns ótimos jogadores brasileiros para essa próxima janela de transferência,são eles-Rodrigo Dourado,Otávio e Bernard.Arsenal I could hire some great Brazilian players for this next transfer window, they are Rodrigo Dourado, Otávio and Bernard.

  • Egill J Egilsson
    Egill J Egilsson

    Kaka winning over Roberto Carlos is outrageous

  • Harian Gaming
    Harian Gaming


  • Guilherme Souza
    Guilherme Souza

    I'm pretty sure whoever made this bracket is not Brazilian 😂 Kaká vs FERNANDINHO???🤣🤣🤣 Ronaldo vs Coutinho, Jesus Christ

  • Guilly Perazzini
    Guilly Perazzini


  • Jamzor Live Football
    Jamzor Live Football

    GGs El Fenomeno

  • عماد 833
    عماد 833

    Misleading title. Says GOAT Brazilian but the video is about players they have seen (so from 1995 onwards).

  • Alastair Ben
    Alastair Ben

    Ronaldo no competition . Even when he was fat

  • Aegis Ethereal
    Aegis Ethereal

    Stop pandering to the damn yanks. 'Baller' is such an americanism it doesn't even exist here. Football is not called 'ball' English club. English league. Our fixtures begin and end in Europe.

  • Mesaka Putea
    Mesaka Putea

    Bye. Good luck with all the things going well both of you!

  • Google x
    Google x

    Ronaldinho and kaka 💕

  • S G
    S G

    Easy R9

  • Munguci D. Etriga
    Munguci D. Etriga

    Ronaldinho in his prime was the epitome not only of Brazilian soccer but the world. It was joy to watch him all through even if one were in the opposing team.

    • Guilly Perazzini
      Guilly Perazzini

      As a Brazilian man I can say that Ronaldinho is definitely something else even for Brazilians. It was pure joy to watch him.

  • P eggberto
    P eggberto

    Anyone heard of Pele? Not bad on his day

  • James de Jimenez
    James de Jimenez

    I think for this game, they should bring another player to be 3,, to avoid VAR. Like in this case, it should be Luiz, Willian and Martinelli

  • Mal Dev
    Mal Dev

    Comparisons even don't make sense, O Fenômeno and coutinho in the same sentence?



  • James de Jimenez
    James de Jimenez

    Willian,, big love. You're a Gunner💪🏾💪🏾👊🏾👊🏾

  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban


  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban


  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban


  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban


  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban


  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban


  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban


  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban


  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban


  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban


  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban


  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban


  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban


  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban

    Ronaldinho is d goat for me or Ronaldo

  • Saf Ahmed
    Saf Ahmed

    Socrates and Romaldo

  • Mateus Alves
    Mateus Alves

    Those lads had the nerve to put Fernandinho and Casemiro but not Romario...

  • BW88

    NO PELE??

    • M S
      M S

      In their lifetime

  • BW88

    The easiest draw: Ronaldo vs Coutinho

  • eden corr
    eden corr

    Ronaldinho is the baller 😎

  • Gary The Snail
    Gary The Snail

    Waited for Willian to hit form before uploading this

  • BW88

    Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel next time. Gabi boyzzzz

  • Nurudeen Alkali
    Nurudeen Alkali

    I think R9

  • Umair Bilali
    Umair Bilali

    "This one going to be interesting for both of you"😂😂😂

  • Mathew Hudson
    Mathew Hudson

    Good stuff but from the start Ronaldo and Ronaldinho shouldn't be on the same round of 16 side. It was the final before the final like Luiz said.

  • Kemitha Medawala
    Kemitha Medawala

    Kaka Ronaldo Ronaldinho Pele

  • Timothy Ombachi
    Timothy Ombachi

    Hilarious how Willian doesn’t have an Arsenal goal so they literally couldn’t show one at the beginning of the video😂

    • dulqarnayn1

      But he assisted that goal 😉

  • Cod mobile Cousins
    Cod mobile Cousins

    If willian was like ronaldiniho

  • Saw Hotz
    Saw Hotz

    5:35 it's clear that Willian does have some sort of creativity but on the pitch it goes to the bin.....smh🤷‍♂️

  • udcaps


  • josephine mensah
    josephine mensah

    I can’t believe Pele is not here

  • Pedro UN49
    Pedro UN49


  • josephine mensah
    josephine mensah

    How can u not put Pele

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